Contact numbers for Remdesvir in Visakhapatnam

- Vizag Goverment Support (Fulfils Reqeuests Obtained Upto 12 Noon) +919133896969
C&F Agents and Stockists
Remdesvir (Covifor)
M/s Somnath Medical: +919393100594
Visakha Pharmaceutical: +919849116978
Remdesvir (Cipremi)
M/s Paramount Medical Agencies: +919849112421
M/s Aurobindo Drugs: +919491444768
M/s Vardhaman Specialities: +919849185987
M/s Seshabalaje
COVID-19 Home Sample Collection Testing
- Medcare India Services, Visakhapatnam - Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR and pathology t

Heat Wave: When actual maximum temperature ≥ 450C


Severe Heat Wave: When actual maximum temperature ≥470C

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Ambulance Services
- Stanplus Red Ambulances: +919550005111
- Ravanmma Ambulance Service: +917947306147
- Raju Ambulance Service: +919849663360, +919059868459
- Jai Hanuman A