List if Oxygen Cylinders and Oxygen Concentrators suppliers in Visakhapatnam

Oxygen Cylinders:
Jayashree Healthcare, Maharanipeta +919676412867
MVV Ozone, Anil, Madhurawada +919704619962
Coromandal Gas Company, Mohan Krishna +919394777070,
Vingas Industries Pvt Ltd., Satyanarayana +919849129996
Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd., Parwada, + 919987005090
Tapan Bhattacharya  
F7 O2 Supplies Pvt Ltd., Akkayyapalem: +919492890123,
  + 919441890123
Moray Smart Solutions: +919966888824,
Rafi: +919966012368
Oxygen Concentrators  
Vicky +919848570379
Oxygen Equipment Rental  
F7 O2 Supplies Pvt Ltd, Akkayyapalem: +919492890123,
Oxygen Cylinders Refilling  
- Mr Naidu: +919247871397
- Mr Kumar: +919393391991
Siva Medical Gases, Maharanipeta: +919848192392
Added 7 May, 2021  
Humanity Services O2 (Oxygen), Allipuram -  
Sridhar Behara: +917702282698,

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COVID-19 Home Sample Collection Testing
- Medcare India Services, Visakhapatnam - Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR and pathology t

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Pharma Company Helplines For Remdesvir and Tocilizumab(Actemra) medicine 
Hetero Helpline - For Remdesvir: 18001034696, +919320985814 (6 AM to 10
Vizag Blood Banks  
- NTR Blood Bank, Ramnagar: +918912565858
- Rotary Blood Bank, Jagdamba Plasm