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Organisations Collaborate to create an athlete development ecosystem.

By chandu Created on 09/26/2018 - 21:29 . Updated 09/26/2018 - 21:29

Bengaluru: An Athlete’s journey is metaphorical to a rollercoaster ride. There are ups, downs, injuries and mental blocks, nothing can ever be taken for granted. Mindset, training, nutrition and injury management are extremely critical factors for an athlete to be able to consistently deliver the best at an international level, especially in high performance sports. It needs a highly scientific and calibrated approach to stay fit and perform consistently.

Haoma Wellness - An Ayurveda center of excellence specializing in treatment of sports injuries, and Invictus Performance Lab today presented the case study of collaborative approach in Athlete Management of Sathish Kumar Sivalingam, 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist in Weightlifting

Sharing his Journey, Sathish Kumar Sivalingam, Indian Weightlifter, 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist said, “After my injury at the Asian Games, the hospital in Jakarta advised two months of complete rest. They were of the opinion that I could probably start training after three to four months. Upon arriving back to India, my Ayurveda treatment started at Haoma Wellness under Dr. Shaji Kannoth and I simultaneously was working on my return to sport rehabilitation with Invictus Performance Lab. Within four days of combined treatment and multiple experts working with me, the pain reduced significantly and I was able to move around freely within 10 days. With another 10 days of treatment left, I aim to come back stronger and start training keeping the 2020 Olympics as my goal.”

“I am extremely privileged to be able to get valuable support from experts belonging to several cross-disciplinary functions. They have not only helped me in enhancing my performance capability but have also helped me with my injury and recovery management. I thank my coach, Vijay Sharma and the Indian Weightlifting Federation, and GoSports Foundation for all their support and belief in me. I would also like to thank Invictus Performance Lab and their team of experts who have been instrumental in enabling my return to competition. I am quite satisfied with my recovery from my injury through the combined expertise of the teams at Haoma Wellness and Invictus Performance Lab. I strongly feel such seamless collaborations between teams from various domains of sports science, the federations, coaches, and all stakeholders are the need of the hour in order to foster the athlete development ecosystem in the country which will help create more achievers and medal winners consistently”, said Sathish expressing his gratitude and calling for more collaborative efforts.

Explaining the case study, Dr. Shaji Kannoth, Managing and Medical Director, Haoma Wellness, said “Sathish was brought to us by Invictus Performance Lab for treatment of several serious injuries. During his participation in the Asian Games in Jakarta, he had severely injured his left thigh muscle affecting three muscle groups namely Vastus Medialis, Sartorius and Adductor longus with a moderate grade muscle tear along with fluid collection due to acute hemorrhage. He was wheelchair bound when he met us on 4th September 2018 and was even unable to place his foot on the ground. After a detailed diagnosis, we put together a treatment framework in Ayurveda to heal his injury, with a focus on eliminating the accumulated fluid in between the muscle space which was causing severe edema. Within 4 days, the edema reduced completely and pain reduced to about 60%. On 15th September 2018, the MRI of the left thigh in comparison to the MRI taken at Jakarta showed that the muscle injury had healed and had no fluid collection in the inter/intra muscular space” said Shaji.

“He has another 10 days of treatment left to heal completely. We hope to work closely with him in alignment with Invictus Performance Lab (Sathish’s Strength and Conditioning Team), the Indian Weightlifting Federation and his Coach Vijay Sharma in his run-up to the 2020 Olympics. We wish Sathish good luck for the preparations ahead for Tokyo Olympics” added Shaji.

Varun Shetty, Co-Founder and Performance Coach, Invictus Performance Lab, said “Sathish was one of the athletes brought to Invictus by the GoSports Foundation for injury management and his return-to-competition training. We used a combination of different modalities including physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, cognitive enhancement and cryo-therapy which are the best practices by international standards. The added benefits of the healing oils and the soft tissue therapies at Haoma further accelerated Sathish’s rehabilitation process. We are happy to have helped Sathish and other athletes enhance their potential and manage injuries through a combination of corrective techniques and Ayurvedic practices. The herbal oils from Haoma Wellness have enhanced recovery of many athletes post intense training.

There is a great need for developing cross disciplinary collaborations within the athlete ecosystem which will help bring a multi-prong approach to achieving success in the future.” added Varun.