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All India e-Waste Recyclers’ Association, first of its kind, launched in Bengaluru

By chandu Created on 04/02/2018 - 16:29 . Updated 04/02/2018 - 16:29

Bengaluru, April 2: “Making India free of e-Waste and the hazardous impact it has on the health of the society is not possible without the active participation of the general public. It is the people who are responsible for safeguarding the environment and hence they need to be aware of the growing e-Waste problem,” said Kumaraswamy, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB).

Speaking at the launch of the All India e-Waste Recyclers’ Association (AEWRA), the first of its kind India aimed at bringing all e-Waste recyclers and dismantlers onto one platform and to work closely with the government in enforcing rules and laws pertaining to the recycling of electronic waste, he said this initiative is in the good interest of the country.

Echoing a similar opinion, the founding president of AEWRA Kaleere Gowda said it is important to make the public, who use a number of electronic products in their day-to-day life, aware of e-Waste segregation. He noted that with the ‘Make in India’ initiative becoming a reality, it has also resulted in significant increase in electronic goods and e-Waste as well. Hence it is important to focus on e-Waste recycling, he said.

Suresh, member secretary of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), launched a handbook on e-Waste recycling. The book brought out by the Association gives an overview of the e-Waste problem, methods of segregation and the guidelines issued by the government regarding electronic waste recycling.

Dr. A Ramesh, SEO, KSPCB, launched the website of the All India e-Waste Recyclers’ Association.

Gururaj N, general secretary of AEWRA; Suresh, member secretary, CPCB; Syed Shahabuddin, vice-president of AEWRA and members of the Association were present during the event.

AEWRA is a national level initiative taken towards making India e-Waste free. The objective is to bring all e-Waste recyclers and dismantlers onto one platform while aiding the Government in the implementation and execution of the laws and ordinances related to e-Waste recycling.

The Association hopes the initiative undertaken by them will be successful in helping India become e-Waste free and emerging as a global power by the right utilization of the e-Waste generated annually.